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What You Should Do When Your Cat Is Expecting

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If your cat is pregnant, you are no doubt eagerly expecting your kitty's new arrivals. However, it is important for you to know what to do when your cat is preparing to deliver her babies, as well as immediately after your cat gives birth. Read this basic primer to understand what you should and shouldn't do while your cat is going from getting ready to give birth to taking care of her new kittens.

Your Cat's Preparation

No matter how strong your relationship is with your cat, you need to respect her privacy during this time. Your cat will probably seek an isolated location in your home, like a closet, to prepare to give birth. This is a completely natural behavior and you should allow your cat to use the space she chooses.

One important step during this part of the birthing process is to make sure to not allow your cat outdoors. If she gets out, she may end up choosing a place to give birth outside, which could put her and her kittens at risk of being harmed by predators.

Leave Kittens Be

Kittens are adorable, so it can be difficult to resist scooping one up or petting it. However, it's of dire importance that you leave your cat's kittens alone until their eyes and ears are open. While your cat knows who you are, meddling with her kittens may cause her to move them to a new location. She may also be aggressive during this time; don't take it personally, as it's just a protective maternal behavior to make sure her kittens survive. The best thing you can do is it to just let her take care of her own babies.

Make a Plan

During this time, you should make a plan on what you will do with the kittens once they're older. The kittens will need physical exams to check their health, vaccinations, and spaying and neutering once they're old enough. You should also begin placing ads to find homes for the new kittens, as most mother cats will try to drive their kittens out once they become old enough to be on their own.

Unless you intend to professionally breed kittens, keep in mind that getting your cat spayed once she's finished raising her kittens is a good idea. Intact female cats are at a higher risk of a wide variety of cancers, so talk to a vet like those at the Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic about having your cat spayed.