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Watch Out For These Signs Of Heart Disease In Cats

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Heart disease is not just a concern in humans. Cats can also develop heart disease. Sometimes, they develop congestive heart failure. Other times, they may have heart attacks or atherosclerosis. Unfortunately, cat owners are not always aware of the signs of heart disease in cats. If you own a cat, be aware that the following signs often indicate that your cat has a heart problem and should see a vet promptly. Read More»

Signs Your Kitty Needs Vet Care For Lung Disease

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Unfortunately, cats, like other mammals, can develop diseases of the lungs from time to time. Infectious pneumonia is not unheard of in cats. They can also develop lung cancer or benign tumors of the lungs. If your cat shows signs of lung disease, you’ll want to take them to the vet, who can run some tests to see exactly what’s amiss. So, what are the signs your cat may need vet care for lung disease? Read More»