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What To Do If You Can'T Afford The Vet Bills

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Pet parents want to ensure their animal friends are as healthy as they can be. Unfortunately, medical care for pets can be just as expensive as care for humans. If you're struggling to pay for vet services for your pet, here are a few ideas for overcoming this problem.

Get Pet Insurance

Possibly the best thing you can do for your bank account is to get pet insurance. Like health insurance for humans, pet insurance will pay for a number of services for your animal friend that can save you money over the long term, especially if you have a special needs animal.

For instance, a pet with diabetes will require insulin on a regular basis, which can cost $30 per bottle. Since many insurance policies cover medication for pets, this is one out-of-pocket cost you won't have to worry about.

Be aware, though, that some plans restrict the type of animals that can be covered, usually to cats and dogs. Therefore, you'll need to shop around for a policy for your particular animal friend. Additionally, most insurance providers operate on a reimbursement model, meaning you'll pay the vet for the service and the company will cut you a check after you submit a claim against the policy. Keep this in mind when doing your monthly budget.

Barter for Services

In this day and age, bartering may seem very old school. However, it appears to be making a comeback. If you have a skill that may be useful to the vet, consider performing a service in exchange for care for your pet. If you're a web designer, offer to create and maintain the vet's website in exchange for getting routine examinations, for instance. Since many vets need this type of service to attract clients, there's a good chance the person may take you up on your offer.

Although you may be exchanging services, it's important to attach a value to them so you each know where you stand. If you charge $500 to develop a website, for instance, that will entitle you to $500 worth of vet care. Be sure the contract you develop addresses all the services each of you are willing to provide and the associated cost, so you can both keep track and avoid misunderstandings in the future.

There are other ways you can make pet care more affordable, such as going to a vet in a cheaper area and setting up a payment plan. Talk to a vet about the different options available for paying for their services. For more information, contact companies like Family Pet Clinic.